POS systems for restaurants

Foundation for a successful restaurant business are delicious food and great customer service, which brings a wonderful experience to the customer. Let us help you succeed in building that experience and let us take care of building you a tailored POS system.

Starter packages for restaurateurs

Basic package (Sam4s ER265 cash register + payment terminal)


  • Basic package is suitable for quick sales, and it gives you the basic reports you need for your business.
  • You can pay for the package at once or via a suitable financing method.

System package (Atos 15 Android POS system + payment terminal)


  • This big package offers more options for your products and is easier to custom according to your business’ needs. There is more variety in reports for your cash flow management.
  • You can pay for the package at once or via a suitable financing method.

Other popular solutions

Cash register with touch screen for restaurants (StarVision)kassajärjestelmä

  • 80 mm receipt printer and USB memory stick confirmation
  • 15” touch screen. Optional 2-row customer screen
  • Touch screen with maximum 200 x 45 product buttons and 200 x 24 action buttons (freely programmable)
  • 6 x RS232, Ethernet and 4 x USB interface
  • Can be linked to Verifone or Yomani payment terminals

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Jeemly Start – Our Ready-to-Go POS system that includes all important features of sales, customer service and sales reporting


  • Jeemly Start by SKJ Systems is a POS system designed to help the transition from traditional cash registers to a computer-based POS system.

Sam4s ER940 cash register + payment terminal er940

  • 57mm receipt tape with a cut off -feature and a separate backup receipt tape
  • User screen and rotatable customer screen
  • 150 x coated buttons / 91 x raised buttons
  • Keypad freely programmable
  • 4 x serial ports: PC, bar code scanner, weight scale, extra screen, extra printer and/or Verifone payment terminal
  • Memory freely modifiable
  • 2000 (max 4000) products
  • 4 different tax classes (VAT)


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