Cash register meant for everyday sales, with 57 mm thermal receipt printer. Available with flat, splash-proof coated keyboard or a raised keyboard which makes it easy to adjust this product according to the needs of the customer – like a special-purpose store or a small pub-style restaurant. A two-row screen with blue background light gives the user clear information on the sale. Serial ports enable add-ons such as a bar code scanner. It’s also programmable with a computer. The machine has an electronic memory that enables printing of all transactions, or transactions of a single sale based on receipt number. The check-tape backup can be saved directly to an SD memory card after every transaction or after the Z1 daily report. A Verifone ECR payment terminal can be attached to the cash register.

  • 57 mm receipt tape with manual cut-off
  • Fixed user and customer screens
  • Freely programmable keyboard
  • Small plastic cash drawer (4/3) or big metallic cash drawer (8/4)
  • 2 serial ports: PC, bar code scanner, additional printer and/or payment terminal
  • 10 product groups (max 99 via memory sharing)
  • 10 salespersons (max 99 via memory sharing)
  • 1,000 products (max 2,000 via memory sharing)
  • 4 VAT classes

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